Aden Rich


 RV-6, F1 Rocket

N251AR took to the air Oct 24, 2004 after 6.5yrs of construction. She has a IO-360-M1B engine with Hartzel C/S prop. Full instrument panel with full interior. Day/Night VFR setup, two-axis trim, heated-pitot, JPI EDM-700 engine monitor. The only thing that did not get put in it was two-axis auto pilot. Sold to Doug Eves in Ontario, Canada in 2006, plus traded for his F1 Rocket Evo kit.

F1 Rocket is a quick build kit with wings and fuselage mostly constructed.

Engine was overhauled by my father and I, with Ly-Con doing all of the cylinder work. IO-540-C4B5 300+ hp with 10-1 pistons should propel the plane to a top speed of 270-275mph. EVO wings let you land around 65-70mph with the big fowler flaps. Hoping to get it flying late next year. Look forward to seeing most of you in my rear view mirror :).

These are the taper wings and what makes it an Evo Rocket.



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