Stephen Rosenstock



The KR-2S is sold by Rand-Robinson of Long Beach, California. Most KRS are using engines which are automobile conversions. Ours is using a completely rebuilt and balanced EA-81 Subaru Engine with Turbo with a silent chain/belt driven PSRU. The craft is a two passenger, side by side, wood & high temp pre-preg, plus carbon fiber & fiberglass over polystyrene construction. It should weigh in at about 550-600lb when complete. The cruise speed should be in the range of 150-160 mph. This unit is approximately 18 feet long and will have a wing span of about 21 feet.

I selected the plane back about 1997. Sue and I started picked up a set of plans in about June of 2001. We started work at few months laters. We are hope on a completion within this year if time allows.

Me working on one of the lower sides, in our livingroom

Center wing spars with the main spar with it's wing attach fittings on.

My assistant checking for accuracy.

The spars during a test fitting.

The KR as of Febrary 2005.




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