Bruce Swayze



Seems to be an airplane in the driveway!

"The wings have been mated to the fuselage for the first time! I had the help of my son, Paul, visiting home from San Diego, my good friend Joe Rottman, my brother Roger and several others. With no room in the shop for the wings, we had to take it outside in the sun. I think I can finally stop asking the question 'does it look like an airplane yet?'".

Daniel Swayze shows dad how it's done.  "You see, you take the cleco squeezer and squeeze.  It's real simple, Dad." 

The Swayze Building Crew:  Bruce, Luke, Sarah, Daniel, and Paul.  Everyone is about 10 years older now, but it's a beautiful picture.

I recommend that you go to Bruce's website (here), which has plenty of useful and interesting information on his build.  More nice pictures, as well. 




The REAL BOSS.  Jamie Swayze trying to get Bruce to move faster.  There's places to go; things to see! 

Bruce tries to pretend that he's really in charge when he says, on his website, that:  "...She has even helped me from time to time when I need another pair of hands with riveting! She knows her way around a rivet gun and does a superb job. She is looking forward to flying and traveling adventures together with me. What an amazing woman!"

Sure, Bruce.  We know who's really responsible for those perfect rivets.  Just keep thinking you're in charge.  Life is good.






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