Planes & Projects

Becky & Bruce Breckenridge

Planes:   Christavia (building)   RV-10 (building)  C-182 (flying)

My ambitious wife, Becky, got the idea she could build herself a plane!

She was taking welding classes at Mt. Hood Community college when she came to me with an idea.



"Let's build a plane from scratch that I can weld!"

So, we looked through the magazines until we came across the plans for a Christavia MK-1.

It was intriguing, so we ordered the plans, sheets of steel, tubing and Spruce in the spring of 2009, and dove right in.



As of Jan 2012, she has the majority of the aircraft assembled. No word as to when when we think she'll fly it - after each little task is done, we find we still have 90% more to go.


She wanted a radial, but had to settle (!) for an
O-200.  Here it is just antsy to start up and fly! Knowing her, though, don't doubt that one day you'll hear the sweet sound of a radial. 



(B&B are quite dedicated, out at the hangar almost every weekend, working away.  Can't wait to seem them fly this beautiful plane! In the meantime, an RV-10 emp and wings are finished, just waiting.  - ed)