Planes & Projects

John Jessen

Planes:   GlaStar GS-1 (flying); RV-10 (building)

John Jessen is building an RV-10, but decided that he needed something to fly while building. Staying within the experimental category was important, so why not a GlaStar!


N531CE was built by Charlie Eubanks, a tool and die maker living in retirement just north of St. Louis.

Of course, there is a problem with buying such a beautiful airplane to fly while you're building another.  A fun plane like N531CE makes you forget you're supposed to be building!

The GlaStar has a different mission profile than the RV-10. It can be equipped as a tricycle or tail dragger, put on floats or skis or tundra tires, set up for cruising or low and slow. It is very versatile.

The RV-10 is also a very versatile aircraft, but its main mission is to get from point A to B fast and in comfort. The one mission they both have in common is that each crys out to be tinkered with!