EAA 105 Programs


Welcome to Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 105.

The Chapter offers several programs to help our members.  These include everything from EAA approved technical counselors who volunteer their time to help you as you build or restore your airplane, to a prop balancing, tire balancing and other things that help you build and/or maintain your trusty steed. 

There's only one catch!  In order to avail yourself of all these wondrous people, tools and venues, you need to be current in your membership to the National EAA, as well as EAA 105.  So, get current and get to building / flying! 


In the summer of 2006 our chapter realized its vision of having a permanent home: our hangar was finished and became operational. This facility is the culmination of an eleven year journey. It was funded both with proceeds from our monthly pancake breakfast and a bequest from the estate of George Bogardus. The purpose of our hangar is: to have a place where chapter events can be held, a facility where our members can build their aircraft, and a place where members can gather around various other aviation-related activities. For reference, click HERE to access the chapter's Hangar Use Policy (PDF).

The chapter hangar is at the West end of the second southernmost hangar building
(building G) at Twin Oaks Airpark (the picture below is prior to the construction of a new hangar building, and thus not quite up-to-date).  This is not to be confused with the "breakfast hangar" where our well known pancake breakfast is held.  The picture below gives you the location of each facility on the airport.

Our chapter hangar is really two adjacent hangars, units G1 and G3, each with a slightly different purpose...

  • G3 is intended for members who are actively working on aircraft projects. There may be from one to four tenants at a time depending on the stage of their projects. The Facilities Manager will coordinate the tenants, space allocation, and rent.

  • G1 is designed to be a multiuse facility, specifically: 
    • Chapter meetings and events.
    • Chapter projects such as the Little Gee Bee restoration.
    • Members who wish to perform their annual condition inspections and avail themselves of the Chapter's tools. Typically rent period would be 2 weeks to a month.
    • Members who wish to do final aircraft assembly and avail themselves of the Chapter's tools and a great heated facility before moving into their own hangar somewhere else. Typically this would be a 1-3 month period. (Note: anyone availing themselves of G1 must agree that your project can be temporarily moved outside whenever the Chapter needs the space for its other functions.)

The Chapter Hangars have the following features:

  • Fully finished interior: insulated, sheet rocked, and painted including floor.
  • Plenty of electrical service with multiple outlets on all walls.
  • Bright fluorescent lighting in each unit.
  • Dedicated forced air propane heating system for each unit complete with thermostat.
  • Belt driven 60-gallon compressor with outlets plumbed in-wall in both G1 and G3.
  • Tools such as a drill press and band saw (see list below).

Current Availability:

  • G1 - Available
  • G3 - Occupied

Rental procedure: Contact Facilities Manager Rion Bourgeois to check on waiting list, discuss rental rates, or arrange move-in.  Fine print: If you are interested in using the hangar please read Sublease of Project Space, which you can find HERE.  This document contains all the terms and conditions with which all tenants must be familiar.

Rental rates:

  • G1 - Final Assembly & Annuals
    • $305/mo.  Partial months or weekly rental may be possible.  Check with the Facilities Manager for all the details and possibilities. 
  • G3 - Aircraft Projects
    • $75/mo.  1/4 space*
    • $150/mo.  1/2 space*
    • $225/mo.  3/4 space*
    • $305/mo.  Full space. 

*Partial rentals depend, of course, upon the number of current sub-tenants and the space they use. Contact Facilities Manager and/or see Sublease Agreement for details.


One valuable benefit of Chapter 105 membership is access to the group's tools. The chapter has built up a nice collection of tools of the kind that most builders/flyers only need once or occasionally, but that can come in really handy when you do need them.

Terms of Use: (Please Read!) Use of the Chapter 105 tools is a members-only benefit. Tools are for use by members who are current builders or owners, for use on an aircraft that they themselves are performing work on. Members must be current Chapter 105 members (not expired) when checking out tools. Again, these tools are for YOUR use only, not your non-member pals.

Anyone checking out tools will be expected to take proper care of them. Return them clean. If broken, repair before returning, or discuss it with the toolmeister; don't just turn it in and assume it's his job to fix it. Do not pass tools on to other members without first clearing it with the toolmeister.


Tune-up & Annual Kit

  • Compression checker
  • Mag timing light
  • Timing dial
  • Mag adjustment tool
  • Plug gapper
  • High voltage cable tester, and
  • Plug vibrator cleaner.



(Click HERE for annual inspection procedures/usage doc)

Other Tools Include:

  • Champion spark plug abrasive cleaner and tester - usually with Tune-up Kit;
  • Brake lining rivet set - Tool to remove and replace rivets in brake linings;
  • Oil filter cutter - Custom make by Stan V;
  • Wing Jacks (2) - Works for all models except RV-3;
  • Engine hoist - Just the thing for hanging your engine;
  • Wire crimping tool & die - for large gauge wires (e.g. battery leads);
  • Aircraft scales - accurately weigh your beast and also determine CG;
  • Tire balancer- located in chapter hangar G1, take your wheels in;
  • Tire bead breaker - located in the chapter hangar G1, take your wheels in;
  • HVLP paint sprayer - turbine type. Includes gun and air turbine;
  • Instrument hole template - for instrument panel mounting screw holes;
  • Cylinder base wrenches;
  • Vacuum pump wrench - for those hard to reach nuts and bolts;
  • VSWR meter - for matching your radio to your antennae.
Bring your own hand tools since none are available at the Chapter Hangar.

Chapter 105 board is pleased to offer a significant program for members: a state-of-the-art propeller balancing system. The Chapter has purchased a Dynamic Solutions Systems MicroVibâ„¢ II Aircraft Analyzer to add to our already robust Tool Crib program. Learn more about prop balancing, and this system in particular, at their web site.

Here's how the program works:

  • For Chapter 105 members who are current with their chapter dues, as well as National dues;
  • Member personal aircraft ONLY;
  • $20 fee for each balance job (the fee covers consumables and a reserve fund for calibration, repairs, or updates we will need over the years);
  • Managed and supervised exclusively by the Balance Meister: Bruce Rose;
  • The member assumes all responsibility/liability (the Balance Meister is only assisting YOU, as you balance your prop while he operates the equipment).
So! If you are a current, dues paying member of EAA and Chapter 105, you can take advantage of this amazing program., Best join up or get caught up on your dues, then contact Bruce Rose to set up an appointment. 503-848-2228 or brucefalcondesign.com.