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This section is devoted to what we hope are bits and pieces of useful information to our members.  If you come across some document or website or article that you think it worthwhile to share, the subject of which has something to do with aeronautics, then send it to one of our board members.  We will review it and if found appropriate, we will add it to this page.  Enjoy! 

The Penguin

As a way to supplement the Young Eagles program and stimulate youth interest in aviation, chapter member Martin Koxxy designed and built a 2-axis mechanical flight simulator dubbed the Penguin.

Martin and Chapter 105 would like to make plans for the Penguin available to all who would like to build one.

Below are the manual and plans.  Please note the terms and conditions of their use noted in the manual.

Manual (.doc) Base (.dxf) Gimbal (.dxf) Weight (.dxf) Fuselage (.dxf) Airfoils (.dxf) Skin (.dxf)
Online Forums

Here are some of the forums and e-mail lists for pilots and RV builders in Oregon and elsewhere. Most Oregon EAAers are on one or more of these lists, so if you want to be "connected" be sure to sign up.

  • EAA Chapter 105 forums: Our own forums might just be the best place to get advice and info from locals you may know. Click on the Forums menu in this site's main menu bar.

  • & forums: Run by Doug Reeves and perhaps the defacto hub of the online RV community, and the linked forums are a constantly updated source of RV-centric information. Probably interesting even if you're not building/flying an RV.

  • Oregon Pilots Association group : For discussions regarding general aviation in Oregon. The list is sponsored by the OPA, but participants do not need to be OPA members. Sign up at (Also be sure to visit the OPA home page,

  • Matronics RV-list: This is Matt Dralle's worldwide RV list. It's a pretty high-traffic list, and discussions sometimes get heated. So before signing up, be sure you're okay with having your email box get flooded flooded with list email every day (digest mode is also avalaible). And before posting anything to this list, PLEASE read the rv-list FAQ and usage guidelines. It'll become obvious after being on the list for a while that not everyone abides by these, but that's no excuse not to do so yourself. To sign up, go to the RV-List web page,
Formation Flying

With the ever-increasing size of the experimental aircraft fleet, and RVs in particular, it's only natural to want to fly places with your pals in their aircraft also. Flying together is fun, and can have practical benefits: mutual support during long cross-countries, and more efficient ingress/egress from airports for example. But is it really a good idea to "join up" without any training or practice information flying techniques? No, it's not! In the air this often leads to a form of casual formation flight known as the dreaded "gaggle".

Whenever you fly in close proximity to another airplane there is greater risk. Therefore in order to operate safely a standard set of procedures should be learned and practiced before engaging in such activity. In existence since 1999, FFI provides standards and procedures for civilian non-warbird formation flying. If you have an interest in formation flying the best way to start is by getting a copy of the T-34 Association's Formation Flying Manual and Formation Flying, The Art video. These have come to define the "standard" for formation flight for both warbird and homebuilt groups. The chapter's library owns a set of the videos and T-34 manual which are available for checkout to chapter members. To check out the materials see the chapter Librarian. You can purchase your own set from a variety of sources including the the T-34 Association

Though not a chapter activity, there is an active of group of RV pilots in the chapter who regularly fly formation in strict adherance with FFI practices and standards. Several have FFI credentials and are active with the West Coast Ravens. If you are interested in formation flying the best way to learn is by attending clinics that are put on around the country.