Youth Aviation Scholarship Program

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Scholarship Program Information - 2014 (Now accepting applications)

Flight Training Scholarships: For 2014 the chapter will award five $1500 youth flight training scholarships. These scholarships, which are administered by EAA Chapter 105, are highly sought-after and we consistently have more applicants than available scholarships. A selection process, which is described below, is followed in order to determine to whom the limited number of scholarships are awarded. Additional information broadly outlining past flight scholarship programs is also presented below. Note that this information may be updated and/or altered when necessary for the administration of the current year scholarships. To apply for this scholarship, follow the instructions below.

For the past several years, EAA Chapter 105 has received a grant from the George and Lillian Bogardus Memorial Trust to use for flight training scholarships with the vision of encouraging young aviators. George Bogardus, who passed away in 1997, left his estate in trust to EAA Chapter 105. One of his desires was that the chapter would support youth education in the world of aviation. Through these scholarships, EAA Chapter 105 has been able to continue George's legacy and enable local young people to pursue their dreams of flying.

The 2014 Flight Scholarship application process is now open for submission. The deadline for all submissions is 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on April 26th, 2014.


Submit an application packet to on or before April 26, 2014.

Scholarships recipients receive an award that may be used for flight training:
  • $1,500 towards aircraft rental for flight training purposes and instructor fees (when applicable to the training) at Starks Twin Oaks (the home base airport of EAA 105) or another approved flight school of the recipient's choice. The flight school will invoice EAA 105 for actual aircraft rental and/or instructor fees.
Applicants submit a package of information, which constitues their application for the scholarship:
  • A short personal autobiography, describing the applicant and his/her background.
  • The applicant's contact information (name, address, phone, email, etc.) and birthdate.
  • A one or two page narrative essay, describing the applicant's interest, desire, commitment and future plans in aviation. This essay will be a primary tool in selecting candidates for the interview phase - so be sure to convince us here.
  • Three letters of recommedation from adults who know the applicant. At least two of these letters must be from non-family-members.
  • If the applicant is under 18, a signed letter from the applicant's parent(s) or legal guardian indicating they are granting permission for the applicant to apply for the scholarship and participate in flight training in the event they are awarded a scholarship.

The schedule for the 2014 selection process is as follows:

  • March 1 – April 26: Applications accepted
  • April 27 – May 15: Interview participant selection process
  • On or before May 15: Invitations to interview sent (communication via email)
  • Saturday TBD in May: In-person interviews for selected applicants at Twin Oaks Airpark, Hillsboro Oregon
  • Award deadline: June 1

Application period (March 1 – April 26)

Open period for all applications. Applications received via email after 11:59pm Pacific time April 26 will not be included in the process. Confirmation of receipt will be provided to each applicant via email reply when received.

Interview selection period (April 27- May 15) and participant notification

From the total pool of applications, the scholarship selection panel will select the applicants to invite to the interview day. This selection is made through a review of the application materials submitted by each applicant. Applicants will receive an email notice with a status of their application upon completion of the interview-phase selection process.

Interview day (May TBD)

Selected applicants will each be assigned a time for his or her individual, in-person interview. All interviews will be held on a day TBD in May and will run throughout the day, beginning at 10:00am at Twin Oaks Airpark in Hillsboro, Oregon. Interviews will consist of a panel style meeting. Applicants will meet with the panel of five to six members of the selection committee. The panel and the applicant will discuss the application materials and applicants will be asked to answer questions posed by the panel members.

Scholarship award notifications

Upon completion of all of the interviews and prior to June 1, the panel will meet to discuss the applicants and to select the scholarship award recipients. Notification of each interview participant's final status will be made to all of the interviewees upon completion of the selection process. These notifications will occur no later than June 1, 2014.

  1. Applicant must be between the ages of 16 through 21. The applicant may be 15 when applying, but must turn 16 in the current calendar year.
  2. The scholarship is non-transferrable.
  3. The scholarship funds may be used for training conducted before December 31, 2014. Any funds balance remaining after that date will no longer be available for use.
  4. The scholarship may be utilized toward any level of flight training (introductory students through advanced ratings or certificates).
  5. Children and/or grandchildren of chapter directors, Bogardus trustees, and scholarship selection panel members are not eligible.

For additional information on the scholarship program, please contact the 2014 Flight Scholarship coordinator, Greg Hughes, by emailing He can help answer questions about the process that are not answered here on this site.

Flight Training Opportunities and Choices

The flight scholarship may be used at a number of aviation training facilities. The choice of where to learn and fly is made by the scholarship recipient.

Many of the scholarship recipients have selected to take their training at Twin Oaks Airpark, EAA 105's home base. Twin Oaks, located just south of Hillsboro, is a family-owned and -operated airport that's been in business since 1972. Twin Oaks offers both single- and multi-engine aircraft rental, individualized flight training, aircraft maintenance, hangar and tie-down rental as well as aircraft and fuel sales. Specialized aircraft training options available at Twin Oaks include light-sport and tailwheel training.
Other recipients have started their flight training at Hillsboro Airport, Aurora Airport or other area flight schools.

Other Aviation Scholarships

In the interest of furthering young aviation, a few additional scholarship web sites are listed below:

Past EAA 105 Bogardus Trust Scholarship Recipients

2010 Award Recipients

  • Boaz Allyn-Fueer
  • Connell Hawkins
  • Aric Krause
  • Colin LeMans

2011 Award Recipients

  • Kyle Boaz
  • Kevin Cameron
  • Clayton Davis
  • Connell Hawkins
  • Micah Poling
  • E.J. Stinson

2012 Award Recipients

  • Justin Inman
  • Natalie Smith
  • Athena Smith
  • E.J. Stinson

2013 Award Recipients

  • Justin Inman
  • Evan Unruh
  • David Carbonari
  • Zeph Hollins
  • Paige Quintana

Recipient Quotes

We always look forward to hearing from scholarship recipients and finding out how they applied their funds to growing in flight! Here are a few of the letters and emails we've received from past recipients.
Connell: “I completed my ten hours of flight training yesterday at Stark's Twin Oaks. With the help of the scholarship I was able to perform some local night flying, learn about soft field and short field landings, do a cross country to Astoria and a night cross country to Eugene. Thank you for giving me this great opportunity to advance my flight training. I am honored to have been chosen. I hope one day I can help provide educational opportunities to other young pilots.”
Kyle: “The money from the scholarship got me through a good chunk of flight school, and I was also able to use it for my first solo!!! At this point I am starting to work on cross country flights and solo operations. I completed my solo progress check yesterday as well! ... I love flying. Without the scholarship I would not be where I am in my training.”
Micah: “. . . is nearly ready to solo and weather permitting he will do so on December 15th, his 16th birthday. Without the help of EAA 105, he would not have been able to accomplish this. We at Nutsch Aviation thank EAA Chapter 105 for choosing him for this aviation scholarship. We think it made a significant contribution to a lifetime career choice for him.”
Kevin: “I just received an email stating that I got the wonderful scholarship for 10 free hours of flying. I would just like to express my deepest gratitude for this award. I am so thankful for the EAA and this great scholarship.”
Clayton: “Thank you for the flight scholarship.. . Flying has always been a passion of mine. Thanks to this scholarship, I am only one flight away from becoming a private pilot. I plan to continue my training to become a commercial pilot . .. This scholarship will be a very welcomed boost to my flight career.”
Athena: “This is so awesome! Please tell the members of the George & Lillian Borgardus Board of Trustees and the members of the EAA Chapter 105 that I am very, very happy to have this opportunity that you have given me!”
E.J.: “Thank you so much! You have no idea how much it means to me to be supported in what I love.”