EAA-105 Pancake Breakfast


The EAA-105 Chapter sponsors a monthly pancake breakfast, open to everyone!. 

Begun by the Chapter in 1994 to raise funds for construction of a hangar, our monthly breakfast has become a local tradition. Folks from all over the Northwest come by car and by air to enjoy our breakfast, walk the flight line, and talk airplanes. When good weather prevails it's common to have over thirty aircraft fly in including a heavy contingency of RV's.

The menu is simple:  scrambled eggs, blueberry pancakes, strips of bacon or breakfast sausage, grits, orange juice, coffee, tea, hot chocolate. 

Rain or shine, holidays or not, breakfast will be served the first Saturday of every month (The current year's schedule is to the right below.). The hangar door to the dining hall opens at 8:00 AM.  The line can get noticeably long by 9:00 AM, with many regulars showing up by 7:30 AM to avoid the crowds.  The hangar door to the dining hall is usually closed by 10:00 AM, but if you're in line by then, you'll be served.  No one goes away hungry!

Cost is nominal, just $5.00

This has grown to be a popular fly-in event, with planes coming down from north of Seattle, from all over the Northwest really, so during good flying weather expect a lot of traffic in the pattern. If you are ground bound, it's a good time to come down and see a lot of airplanes! All types, experimental as well as the normal Cessna's and Pipers. 

Bring the kids

What kid doesn't love the combination of a great pancake breakfast followed by real airplanes!  However, we do ask that you be doubly vigilant and know where your children are at all times.  Safety awareness is critical when walking the flight line.  

Breakfast Duties


Each member of EAA-105 is expected to help out as a breakfast volunteer.

The reason is simple.  The Pancake breakfast is not only an institution, it provides a sense of community that goes well beyond earning scholarship money for the chapter. By having the breakfast, EAA-105 provides the local community a place to come, to socialize, to engage one another, to meet and greet new and old friends, and especially, to give youngsters a chance to know what it's like to have such an experience.  In today's world there is plenty to do, but very few places to come together on a regular basis, have some good food and share time in a manner that is relaxed and fun. 

Each person who participates receives a complimentary breakfast. 

There are two shifts.  The morning shift starts at 7:00 am, sets up the tables and chairs, gets the kitchen ready to go, and starts serving meals.  The shift ends around 9:00 am.  The second shift then takes over the cooking duties from the preceding shift and stays through clean-up.  This shift is typically finished by 11:00 am. 

Breakfast Guests    Flight Line

You can choose which job you want.  Each station's tasks are spelled out for you on a card that you litterally wear around you neck!  So bring your reading glasses!  The jobs include egg cook, pancake cook, coffee and refreshment supervisor, bacon and sausage cook, servers, and so on.  It is amazing how much fun it is to help out for a couple hours twice a year.